Welcome to KLW Engineers –
Your competent partner in the civil engineering sector.

KLW Ingenieure GmbH – Expertise for over 80 years

The origin of KLW Engineers GmbH can be seen in the consulting engineers office Professor Dr. Dienst found in 1936. The listing and testing of static calculations has always been one of the offices core competencies. The holistic view of our work and the thereof resulting concern for the service of others in different departments lead to a partner-like contact with our counterparts, which is still one of our qualities.
Our office is characterised by the constant development of eligible colleagues towards managerial functions. Thus, the maintenance and continuous expansion of our experience is ensured. This development is displayed with the change of the firms names: Engineering office Dienst und Richter; Dienst, Richter und Glatthaar; Richter, Glatthaar und Kraus; Glatthaar, Kraus und Lenz and eventually Kraus, Lenz, Wolber. Our office operates as a limited liability company (GmbH) under the respective name of KLW Ingenieure GmbH since 1999.

Services/Fields of activity

Building Construction

  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Administrative and judicial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • High-rise buildings

Technical Planning

  • Object planning for building constructions and civil engineering structures
  • Design, structural design, stuctrual planning
  • Planning of improvements and repairs

Fire Protection

  • Fire protection and life safety concepts
  • Consultancy services during construction
  • Technical verification
  • Structural fire protection for building components
  • Fire prevention inspections

Civil Engineering

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Retaining walls
  • Water supply and drainage facilities
  • Temporary structures

Technical Verification

  • Structural calculations
  • Formwork and reinforcement drawings
  • Execution drawings
  • Supervision
  • Welding process control

Consulting and Expert Service

  • Energy efficiency studies on new and existing buildings
  • Damage reports
  • Reports on construction operations
  • Assessments of structural safety and of serviceability
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